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Region / Description
FI-ES-Coffee cottage

Region: Etelš-Suomen lššni.
Start and end from old coffee cottage.
Visit Old Fiskars ironworks village:
The 14th century castle at Raasepori: raasepori/raasepori.html
And another 18th century Manor with old iron forge:
FI-LS-The Ox Road of Hame

Region: Lšnsi-Suomen lššni.
This is a route from Turku to Hšmeenlinna. Here's a brief description from the "official" route-homepage at

"The Ox Road of Hšme going from Turku to Hšmeenlinna is the most significant road in early Finnish history. This road starting from the river landscapes of West Finland and running to the forest terrain of Hšme has been used by merchants, soldiers, pilgrims as well as kings - and even by Vikings more than a thousand years ago."

The route-file starts from Turku harbor since that's the spot where riders - travelling with the passenger-ferries from Stockholm, Sweden - arrive at Turku. The first 25 km, before you get to the actual ox road, is quite boring but the rest is beautiful countryside on small, winding, tarmac roads following the river Paimionjoki. The roads are generally in a pretty good condition so you'll be OK with any type of bike.
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