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Tyre is a piece of free software that allows you integrate your Google Maps routes into your TomTom Rider. A must have for any motorcyclist...


Welcome to Tyre’s download center!

Here is what you have to do to download and install Tyre:

  • Having MS Internet Explorer installed is a prerequisite (even if you don't use that browser yourself), because Tyre is using its functions. We recommend that you install the most recent version for your operating system, and that you keep it up-to-date.
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    (Select the version that fits your operating system:)
    Download 32 bits version of Tyre: click here.
    Download 64 bits version of Tyre: click here.
    If you hesitate, choose the 32 bit version. It can be installed at any time.

You also need a Google API Key code.
Tyre uses the maps of Google Maps. And Google wants to keep control of that.
After installing Tyre and starting it for the first time, you receive help to create this Google Key.

And once you have downloaded and installed Tyre, and after entering your Google API Key code, you can start creating routes.
But you can also use other people's routes!
We have collected a lot of them, which you can download. And of course you can edit them if you want to.
Click here to open the download page for routes.

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