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Tyre is a piece of free software that allows you integrate your Google Maps routes into your TomTom Rider. A must have for any motorcyclist...


What if you could integrate your Google Maps and Google Earth routes in your navigation device?

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You would have the ultimate navigation kit. I called it Tyre. Tyre existed with this first question. While shaping the solution I came up with the following requirements I needed for Tyre.

  1. A navigation device doesn't communicate with Google Maps or Google Earth on its own. So I needed to build an application that would do just that.
  2. I wanted the possibility to point out my routes and some points of interest at home with my computer.
  3. I did not want to push my finger onto the touch screen of my navigation device every time: to add one waypoint to an itinerary, I had to crawl about three or four screens each time.
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Tyre is easy in use and can be downloaded here. Before downloading we understand you may want to take a look at some screenshots! Click the images to enlarge the designated screenshot.

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