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Tyre is a piece of free software that allows you integrate your Google Maps routes into your TomTom Rider. A must have for any motorcyclist...


A new version: why is that?

Starting with version 8, there are a few major changes.

  • The collaboration with TyreToTravel has ended. Its owner has discontinued that business. That brought an end to the period that Tyre was offered commercially.
    I had imagined the development of Tyre differently. Now that it has turned out that way, I was faced with the choice: do nothing, or continue with Tyre myself.
    I chose the latter because I think many people enjoy using Tyre. I would like to help those people. And as a bonus I got my old hobby back ...
  • This change made it necessary to look again at map providers, route calculations, etc.
    The choice for version 8 once again fell on Google Maps. Just like before for versions 5 and 6.
    Unfortunately, that means that all users must create Google API Keys themselves. For that reason I hesitated for a long time: would it be a smart move?
    In the end I opted for this because other providers have greater disadvantages: they are not free or they do not offer sufficient quality.
  • Is a Google Maps API Key free?
    Yes. That is, billing must be enabled when creating the Key. But for use in the hobby atmosphere it remains free. Because if billing is enabled, you can use maps, routes or places for free up to $200 each month. For that amount, the web APIs of Google Maps can be accessed thousands of times.
    So you have to be a huge large user to be presented with a bill from Google.
  • Google provides information about the use of maps and any costs in different ways and in different sources.
    As a result of the multitude of information, that can sometimes be confusing. We regularly receive questions about this.
    Which information is correct? Is free usage valid for up to $ 200 a month or up to $ 300 a year? And is the free use only valid for one year? Or is it valid longer?
    Click here to read the answers.
Do you have problems, such as straight route lines, no search results, etc.? That could be due to your Key or its settings. Click here to open the FAQ for more information.

Do you have other choices, now that the firm TyreToTravel (NOT Tyre itself!) has been discontinued?
Yes, you can also choose to switch from Tyre to MyRoute-app. A completely different type of route planner, but originally partly from the same sources.
Tyre and MyRoute-app have developed in different directions and are very different programs today:

  • MyRoute-app is a web application. So you don't necessarily need Windows to work with it, like with Tyre.
  • The approach is very different: Tyre is a straightforward program, simple and effective if you want to create or download routes and transfer them to your navigation device. Of course you can also share routes with others. MyRoute-app is more a total package with a community, a forum, aimed at exchanging experiences, etc. In addition, MyRoute-app uses more different maps than Tyre.
  • Tyre can be used free of charge, a fee is charged for MyRoute-app.
  • More about MyRoute-app can be found here:

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